Make a statement without saying a word

Canadian Architecture & Interior Design Photographer.

Joel Klassen is a Calgary-based Commercial Photographer, proudly offering his passion and talent for quality photography & videography across Canada.

Photography is powerful. With less than 3 seconds to make a first impression online, your brand must consistently make a visual statement without saying a word. An image can evoke our emotions, memories, imagination, and channel our thoughts in very specific ways. Whether for the purpose of marketing, portfolio, publication, communications, or education, a well composed photograph will make a significant and lasting impression. Joel Klassen has been specializing in Architectural and Interior Design Photography and Videography in Alberta since 2010. What are your images saying about your brand? Email Klassen Photography today to Make a Statement without Saying a Word!

Architectural & Interior Photography & Videography in Canada

At it’s core, architectural and interior design photography must tell the story of a space immediately without any additional context. Obsessive attention to lighting and composition requires patience and experience, but it results in images and videos that cause viewers to stop and take a second look. Klassen Photography has experience working across Alberta, Canada and internationally with architects, interior designers, publications, magazines, developers and business owners to create a timeless record of the built environment.

Joel Klassen | Photographer

Joel Klassen is a Commercial Photographer & Videographer residing in Calgary, working across Alberta, Canada and North America. Joel specializes in Residential & Commercial Interior Design Photography, Architecture Photography, Hospitality Photography, and Furniture Photography. His meticulous attention to detail and artistic vision enable him to create images that elicit an emotional response, and have resulted in multiple Award wins and publications for his clients. With a formal education in business management and previous career in commercial banking, Joel understands that an amazing experience depends on many factors in addition to great images; his reputation is built on the belief that each interaction should be professional and delightful, which has led him to be the #1 rated photographer in Alberta and among the top 3 highest rated photographers in Canada (source: Contact Joel today for Architectural, Interior Design, Commercial Photography in Calgary, Alberta and abroad.

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